6 - 7 June 2018 / Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia
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6 - 7 June 2018
Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia
Techsummit 2018

Set up the relation between human being and technologies is crucial for our future. Technical innovations influence our daily life significantly. What is the next step? Are we able to predict and handle it? Or we can quickly lose control?

Techsummit 2018 helps us to orientate in current trends and see where are we now. Also, where do we head and how to grab boosting world of technologies in a way that it serves us and not vice-versa.

Techsummit takes place June 6-7 in Hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava and thematically covers topics as Artificial intelligence, 4th industrial revolution, Smart city, Cybersecurity, Start-ups, and Smart hospital.

Available now last Early Bird tickets, don't miss this offer by May 16, 2018, and join us to meet the current innovators and look to the world of technologies through their eyes.



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Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia

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